Monday, July 31, 2006

Farmers Market

Farmers Market Fresh

Yesterday I made the greatest discovery ever. There has been a farmers market going on in walking distance from my house every Sunday since the beginning of June and it lasts untill October. Why didn't I ever know about this?! But anyway, it is an open air market with about 5 food stands and a few flower stands. The real find was the ORGANIC sign hanging above a generously stocked food stand which immediately caught my eye.

The food was a feast for the eyes and I came home with some really great fruits and veggies.
The top picture is lettuce wiht no brown spots to be found. The second picture is an English (seedless) cucumber. Under it are the juiciest, dribble-down-your-chin, peaches and nectarines I have ever tasted. The next is a picture of these odd puple podded green beans that supposedly change green when cooked, a Japanese zucchini, two regular squash, and the yellow round flat thing is a type of squash called pattypan squash. I also got some broccoli that was so good you can eat it raw, but I forgot to take a picture.

With the lettuce, zuchini, left over lentils, and some carrots, I made a farm fresh salad. Oh wow was it good!! The lettuce was so crisp and perfect I can not even describe the greatness. Okay so I love fresh food, what can I saw?

I have decided to go to the farmers market every sunday until it ends to stock up on weekly needed foods and try out strange new ones. It also feels great to support local farmers because that is where I would like to see America headed.

Be prepared to see future posts featuring amazing farm fresh foods. I think I want to try to grill that crazy looking squash. Hmm, so many options...

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