Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Check-in

Wow, I have not posted since my spring break! It has just been so hectic with AP tests, SAT's and SAT subject tests, finals, job searching, and then summer came and all I want to do is relax. I have been cooking a lot this summer but I have not been taking pictures of the food, sometimes it is more enjoyable to just eat the food instead of fussing with the camera for 15 minutes trying to change the aperture and shutter speed to produce "the perfect shot".

I had been contacted to be a tester for Probar and I am way over due in posting about them. I have always been loyal to Cliffbar but I wanted to give these a try. They have a very high fat content and not as much protein as I would have hoped for. The flavors were as follows:

cherry pretzel- good texture, but I did not like the intense cherry taste
cocoa pistachio- licorice after taste
kettle corn- okay but had the same after taste
maple pecan- very yummy
sesame goji- okay