Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Check-in

Wow, I have not posted since my spring break! It has just been so hectic with AP tests, SAT's and SAT subject tests, finals, job searching, and then summer came and all I want to do is relax. I have been cooking a lot this summer but I have not been taking pictures of the food, sometimes it is more enjoyable to just eat the food instead of fussing with the camera for 15 minutes trying to change the aperture and shutter speed to produce "the perfect shot".

I had been contacted to be a tester for Probar and I am way over due in posting about them. I have always been loyal to Cliffbar but I wanted to give these a try. They have a very high fat content and not as much protein as I would have hoped for. The flavors were as follows:

cherry pretzel- good texture, but I did not like the intense cherry taste
cocoa pistachio- licorice after taste
kettle corn- okay but had the same after taste
maple pecan- very yummy
sesame goji- okay

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break '08: Lots of relaxing, adventures, and much needed sleep!

Two posts in one week, this is a new record for me for this year. Today is the last day of my srping break, that means one huge two day long bio Ap final, and two different midterms, await me next week. I am planning to go study once I finish this post...

My spring break consisted of a lot of great adventures ("vegan ventures", if you will). One of the days, I took the train to New York City for the day with a friend. I have never been in the city alone before but I manadged to navagate just fine, with out getting lost! We had lunch at Teany, a great veggie cafe with 98 choices of tea!
Chocolate cheesecake from Teany. Perfect, not too sweet. I would have wanted a more intense dark chocolate flavor though.

I also took a trip to the beach for the day. It was the hottest day of the week, even though it rained on and off. I just had to see the beach, it was a nice preview for summer. Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy my darkly lit food picutures below.

Kung Pao Tempeh (from vegetarian times) with sugar snap peas and barley

International quinoa salad (from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen). I had a lighting issue.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


It feels so weird to press the "new post" button after so long. So how is everyone doing? I cannot wait to check out everyone's blog and see what people have been up to in, and out, of the kitchen.

As for me, I have been crazy stressed with homework. Most of the work has been coming from my bio AP class which ends next week. I have no more homework to do for the class and I just have to study for my final and then for the AP test in May, but I no longer have the constant everyday homework load for that class. That class will be replaced with an easy current topics in biology class for the last quater of the year, which I am very exicted for.

My computer had a virus and everything was erased so I lost most of my unposted food pictures. The computer runs on windows 98 and had been running xp but once it crashed, i had to keep 98 on for a while until i was sure the computer was virus free. I can only get pictures out of my camera on windows xp. Very complicated. Oh yeah, I am on spring break right now, i am not going away or anything but it is such a nice break!

The one picture I still have:

It is amazing chocolate cake my friend made for valentines day. SOOOOO GOOOD!

Hope to post again very soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been trying to blog, I promise!

I have been having computer problems and I am now running a windows 98 OS, so I cannt upload pictures onto my PC. I will be using my dad's computer to upload picutres in the near future, I hope.

Lots of crazy things going on, mostly just school stress and the fact that bio AP has become my life. Sorry for typing so sporadically. I have some pics from Valentine's Day and lots of other events to share.

Thanks so all who have posted and hopefully I will get back to blogging and reading peoples blogs soon.
And thanks to the blogger of Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan for the tip on the meatloaf!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HI EVERYONE! I am so sorry for being the worst blogger in the world! Life has been so hectic around here with bio AP midterms and other life issues. My birthday was on November 29th and I got my license (the driving age is 17 here) and emptied my savings account and bought a VW Beatle! Christmas was great because I just hung with the family and went to my aunt and uncle's house in Massachusetts. I received the books Animal Ingredients A-Z and the Candle Cafe cookbook. Hopfully next post will not be months after this post, but I can not promise anything for sure.

My Brother Baked me chocolate cookies for my birthday.

And my friend made me vegan cupcakes. They were amazing!

Pumpkin pancakes I made over my christmas break. I used the VWaV waffle recipe and added more soymilk. SO good!

My baby!
(picture with camera phone)
It feels great to have paid for it with my own money because most people in my school are given cars. I have been saving my whole life. It is a 1999 Volks Wagon Beatle and I bought it at a used Honda dealership. It only had 30,000+ miles on it and I got it for a very, very good price. I even have money left over.