Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HI EVERYONE! I am so sorry for being the worst blogger in the world! Life has been so hectic around here with bio AP midterms and other life issues. My birthday was on November 29th and I got my license (the driving age is 17 here) and emptied my savings account and bought a VW Beatle! Christmas was great because I just hung with the family and went to my aunt and uncle's house in Massachusetts. I received the books Animal Ingredients A-Z and the Candle Cafe cookbook. Hopfully next post will not be months after this post, but I can not promise anything for sure.

My Brother Baked me chocolate cookies for my birthday.

And my friend made me vegan cupcakes. They were amazing!

Pumpkin pancakes I made over my christmas break. I used the VWaV waffle recipe and added more soymilk. SO good!

My baby!
(picture with camera phone)
It feels great to have paid for it with my own money because most people in my school are given cars. I have been saving my whole life. It is a 1999 Volks Wagon Beatle and I bought it at a used Honda dealership. It only had 30,000+ miles on it and I got it for a very, very good price. I even have money left over.