Monday, October 23, 2006

Last Thursday, I went pumpkin picking with my mom. I have been doing this every year for basically my entire life, and I was not about to break the tradition. It was a great chance to test out my camera. I have been taking pictures whenever I have time, and learning how to use all the professional features (exposure, aperture, shutter seeds, things of that nature). I also made black bean burgers a few days ago. I know it is really cold out, but I grill all through the year (even in the snow). I just bundle up, and go for it. I swear, I live in California in my head. On Saturday, I went to Veggie Heaven and got take out. It is an amazing Chinese restaurant that my mom and I love (and my dad thinks is just okay). I got moo shoo veg chicken. It tasted so good. I bought a pumpkin lantern at AC Moore (it’s right next to Veggie Heaven). Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Black Bean Burgers
(On a whole wheat bun with BBQ sauce)
My recipe


Midwest Vegan said...

Nice photos. Your bean burger looks good. When I lived in Indiana, I knew people that would grill on their patios in the middle of a blizzard! That's a hardcore griller.

Love the pumpkin lantern - that shot is very cool! Doncha' just love AC Moore?

Laura Jesser said...

Pumpkin picking--fun! I love it! Your pics are wonderful. I don't have an outdoor grill, so at first I was puzzled why it would matter how cold it is outside when you grill! :)

Vicki said...

your camera is working GREAT! awesome photos -- nice close-up of the burger.
winter grilling? vegan ventures is certainly a fitting name for you! LOL! :o)

Dori said...

Hey Kate, chinese takeout my favorite. Your bean burger looks scrumptious too! I've been thinking about trying Dreena's black bean and millet burger. Love the pumpkins. I have a few small ones to set out on my desk for Tuesday along with a basket full of candies to pass out. I've missed being around. Glad things are going well here. :)