Thursday, October 12, 2006

Away For The Weekend

I am dieing to make cupcakes! Sadly, I am going to have to keep you in suspense until next week. I am going to visit my brother in college this weekend and I do not want to have left over cupcakes sitting in the fridge while I am gone. I am sure my family could have eaten some before we left, but I do not want any cupcakes wasted. My brother loves my banana bites (as you can see by this post). I baked a bunch today to bring to him. I could have brought him cupcakes, but they are just too hard to transport and I do not have a container that they could fit in without getting squashed.

Banna Bites
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I found letting the batter sit for 5 mintue before you scoop it out helps them hold their form. I do this while I am preheating the oven.


Kaji's Mom said...

I finally ordered my copy of VCTOTW (hadn't planned on it, darned blogger peer pressure;) but it won't be here till monday. Looks like many people will be blogging about them in the next week or two!

Also, if you're not particular about what colors your caketransporter is, keep an eye out after christmas for sales. I got a couple of big tupperware-ish containers for just a couple of dollars.


Harmonia said...

I will have to get that book! I have heard great things about it already! Have a good weekend!

laura jesser said...

I love those banana bites... Hope visiting with your brother was fun!

Midwest Vegan said...

I can't wait to see how you like that cupcake cookbook. It's on my wish list for Christmas.