Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spinach; Oh, How I Missed Thee!

Now that the quarantine on the amazingly flavorful green leaf has been lifted, it is time to celebrate! I used fresh spinach (not from a bag) to make these two dishes. First I made an all spinach salad with tomatoes and carrots. Then, I made grilled pizza with spinach and yellow peppers. We need to support spinach in it’s time of need.


Michelle said...

My parents are still paranoid about spinach and I miss it so much.

I always make my lunches the night before. I'm defenitely not a morning person and I have enough trouble getting up and dressed in the morning without having to make lunch, too. Most days I don't even have time for breakfast (bad me!) and I end up running to catch my bus. My friends are totally jealous of my lunches, though. They're mostly eating nasty school lunches or lunch meat on white bread.

laura jesser said...

I missed my spinach too... Yay!