Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can You Top This Pizza?

Grilled pizza with spinach, squash, and mushrooms

My Grilled Pizza Recipe

I am trying this new plan of never putting the same topping on a pizza twice. I used to always put mushrooms and peppers on my pizza (and cheese pre vegan, yuk). I don't really like vegan cheese too much because I like to taste the toppings and sauce. Now that I don't use cheese anymore, I want the pizza to be exploding with flavors from the vegetables. I also add a lot more sauce to the pizza then I ever did before.

I love spinach. Most peeple find it a little werid, but I just love the taste. As you can see, I added a lot of spinach to this pizza. I also used shiitake mushrooms that are hiding under the other toppings. The yellow stuff is pattypan squash from the farmers market. Its so tender that it melts in your mouth. To give the pizza a cheesie flavor, I mixed nutrirtional yeast into the sauce before adding it to he pizza. Just remember not to go overboard with toppings or they will fall of when you try to eat your pizza.

*I would love to hear suggestions for other toppings.


KleoPatra said...

Hi Kate, i love that pizza!

My ideal pizza has sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed garlic garlic, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and some Follow Your Heart mozzarella "cheez."

Yours looks really good!!

Dori said...

I like variety in pizza when I make it also. The last one I had was totally inspired by leftovers.

It had corn, zucchini diced small, onion, red pepper diced small, and chickpeas... but I stir fried them in a pan with a little veg broth. I made a tofu feta cheese (Bryanna Grogan's recipe... I think it might be on my blog, I know it is in her website recipe archives). I put a homemade spaghetti sauce on a New Jerusalem pita, added the veggie stirfry, crumbled on a little of the feta cheese and Broiled for 7 - 8 minutes. I think I salted it just a bit cause my veggie broth was not salty. I called it my August 4 leftover pizza.

Another unique fav of mine is taco pizza... salsa, refried beans or mixcan flavored cooked pintos, black olives, broiled until darkened and appetizing. Top with taco type toppings.

Another unique one I had included leftover chickpea salad (like a vegan version of tuna or chicken salad)as the sauce, I added some purple onion and green olive slices ... I may have topped it with some leftover vegan chedda' cheese sauce from some mac and cheese that I had the night before (we pour our sauce over the noodles, so I usually have sauce leftover). I like it broiled on the top until the toppings are warm and charred in spots.