Saturday, September 02, 2006


I was tagged by Midwest Vegan to be a part of the Traveler's Lunchbox project to find out the top five thing people should eat before they die. My job is to pick the top five things I have eaten and think everyone would eat.

My Top Five

Peanut Butter- This ground up legume goes with everything. I love it on whole wheat bread, paired with sweet grape jelly, or licked off my fingers after dipping them in the jar.

Vanilla Silk Soy Milk- I could not live without my soy milk. I have it on my cereal every morning for breakfast. It also helps me feel normal, insted of the weird vegan, when I go to Starbucks with friends and have the freedom to order my favorite soy mocha or a soy chai latte.

Vegan Brownies- This was the first vegan desesrt recipe I ever attempted to make. They are chocolaty goodness of yummy gooey magic, and a dark chocolate lovers dream!

Pink Lady Apples- Oh my gosh, these apples are so tasty and sweet! They are never mealy, even when out of season. I found these at my health food store and always stock up on them.

Tofu- This could be the greatest food on earth. The preperation possibilities are endless. "Broiled tofu, sauted tofu, stir fried tofu, tofu on the barbie..."


KleoPatra said...

Kate, i dig your picks. I feel the same exact way about soymilk. It's one of those things that non-veg* folks "get" - at least more than tofu. Which i also love and can't for the life of me understand why some are scared of this lovely creation!

I'm big on that legume of great renown, peanut butter... especially paired up with the sweet counterpart called jam. Blueberry or blackberry, if possible. Oh, do i love that. On toasted rice cakes. That's gonna be one of my top 5's even tho some may think me weird.

Yummy post, thanks, Kate!

Anonymous said...

I'm a PBJ fan myself (but it has to be toasted).

Never heard of Pink Lady Apples - are those the small apples you see in the store?

Kate said...

Kleopatra- I think rice cakes are amazing but I almost never eat them because they are like air; the best air I have ever tasted. Midwest Vegan- Oh yea, PB$J never fails. Pink Lady's are more oval shaped and really sweet-tart. For more info I found this website for you: