Monday, September 18, 2006

First Soup of The Season

I love summer. I also love seeing the good in things. That said, the only good thing I could find in the brutle fall and winter months is cooking and baking. I love filling the house with the smell of good food and standing near the hot stove on those freezing winter nights. I love the warm feelings you get eating a big bowl of piping hot soup or stew. With the coming of the chilly weather, I have to be optimistic at that at least I can enjoy my cold weather food.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This is from Vegan With a Vengence (Isa Chandra; you're my hero!), page 62-63. It was so creamy and perfect. I did not have any onion so I had to use onion powder. I am sure real onion would make it so much better.

I have never worked with butternut squash before, and this is not what I thought they looked like. I was expecting a gord with a long neck and bulb at the end. The sticker said "butternut squash" and I belive everything I read.

I have been neglecting this cookbook so I decided to resort back to it. As you can see, I have a very percise system when it comes to ladeling pages. Blank yellow is any food, yellow with a D is dessert, and red is tofu.

Our throwback food processor is 18 years old. It worked great for processing the soup. I usually use the mini processor that came with the blender, but I needed more room and power. This has a small crack in it and a very small amount of soup was lost, but it still does the job.

You can see the steam coming off the soup. So good!


Anonymous said...

I love soup too - even though it's really still too warm for soup here, it's very comforting to eat it (I just make sure the air conditioner is set pretty low while I'm eating it - LOL). I need to check out the soups in VwV.

Love your labeling - probably more effective than turning down page edges.

KleoPatra said...

Soup! I am dyin' for some after seeing your lovely creating there. I can have soup anytime, it doesn't need to be cool out! Love what you made, Kate, nicely done.

And that old food processor looks quite wonderful. Sometimes you really don't need newfangled because the "old" stuff works better than anything updated!

Harmonia said...

Soup! Soup! Soup! YAY! I began my soup lunch quest last night. It was a mix but I simmered it for an hour last night! I have a bunch of new recipes from one of the books I borrowed...will be trying them soon! ;) I am linking you right now! Have a great day!

Kaji's Mom said...

I like your system for marking recipes, I do something similar too except that I hang the tags on the top right side if I haven't made it yet (red tags mean I want to make it very soon), to the bottom right if it's on the menu for that week, and tags on the top are recipes I've made that were good!

Much better that ruining the pages of a cook by folding

laura jesser said...

Kate, that looks wonderful! I'm sorry you don't love my favorite time of year as much as I do... But I'm glad you appreciate the food! That is definitely what I know as a butternut squash, and I have worked with them several times. That recipe is on my must-try-very-soon list!

Kate said...

Midwest- you are lucky it's too warm for soup and hte soups in VwV are amazing.

Kleo- Thank you for giving me a new way to look at my food processor. It does work really well.

Harmonia- Thanks for linking me! What books did you borrow?

Kaji's Mom- Its nice to see somone eles uses a cookbook labeling system. I am not crazy.

Laura- I am not completly bashing the winter months. My birthday is in november, and Thanksgiving is my favroite holiday (this will be my first vegan thanksgiving. *gasp*).