Sunday, September 03, 2006


It looks so pretty...

But tasted like crap!!!

I bought bad apples but I did not taste them first! Then I changed the ingredients because I was missing a lot of stuff. I will work on this recipe and post again with the new, better tasting, version. It should have been an apple crisp with a nut crust. I did not have apple juice so I used apple sauce, not a smart move. It was not sweet enough at all. Oh well, I wil learn from my mistakes and keep on trying.


Kleo said...

Well, it sure LOOKS good.

You know the saying, if at first you don't succeed... KEEP TRYING!!

Hope things go your way next time with the apple situation, Kate!

cookiecrumb said...

We can be such inadvertent nitwits. I love your idea of subbing apple sauce for the juice, but I see why it doesn't work.
Carry on!!