Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Waffles Gone Wrong and Veganomicon

Everything has still been pretty crazy, but I managed to find time to cook. I had to try out a few things from Veganomicon because I have not used it yet. I have, however, read it cover to cover.

I have been wanting to make waffles forever. I got a really nice waffle for christmas when I was 13 and have yet to make vegan waffles. I tried to use the VWaV pancake recipe to make waffles, but when I opened the waffle maker up they stuck and pulled apart. I tried extra oil but nothing worked. They half waffles still tasted good though. Oh well, that is what I get for using a pancake recipe to make waffles.

Hot and sour soup (V-con pg. 143)

All I can say is, wow! The flavors are perfect.

Smoky grilled tempeh (V-con pg.130)

I did not use liquid smoke and I broiled them, but they came out pretty good.

Served with salad and mashed sweet potatoes.
COMEING UP: Thanksgiving big post!


VeggieGirl said...

welcome back to blogging again!! :0)

mmm, the Hot & Sour Soup and Smoky Grilled Tempeh look fabulous - I'll definitely have to try those recipes in Veganomicon, for sure (I too have read it cover to cover; yet I haven't made anything from it yet!! eek!!)

can't wait for your big Thanksgiving post!! :0D

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Looking forward to that Thanksgiving post! The hot-and-sour soup looks really great... it's cold here, so soup sounds perfect!

Dori said...

Sorry to hear of your waffle attempt. I like to make waffles every New Years ...


Here's link to the blog entry about my favorire recipe.

Anonymous said...

that soup looks so good!!!

bazu said...

Wow- I didn't even realize there was a hot 'n sour soup recipe in Vcon- I have to make that! The tempeh looks wonderful, too. I'm sorry about your waffles! I don't have a waffle maker, so I have yet to attempt any waffles, vegan or not.

Kate said...

Dori, thanks for your recipe!

dwheitner said...

Great blog! I just came across your November post, and saw that you had the same issue we have on occasion. To keep vegan waffles from "splitting," you might try a little Ener-G egg replacer (tsp. or so to start with) to add a little additional binder. Also, it looks like you're using the same Waring Pro waffle iron we have--it's an excellent iron, but it still helps to let it cook 45-60 seconds past the timer with most vegan waffles. We have some vegan waffle recipe modifications and tips at WaffleParty.com, and plan to post reviews of other recipes there in the future. Sorry to hear about your experience, and I hope this helps! The last thing I like to see is for anyone to be discouraged from making vegan waffles!

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